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You worked hard on preparing the lessons for your courses, and now, they deserve to be presented in the most engaging way to your students. That is why we put extra effort into designing a beautiful and easy-to-use interface for you AND your students.

We also include access to over 1,000,000 royalty-free and high-resolution images, photos and graphics to make your content pop!

Engage students and

show their progress

Quizzes, points, badges, cohort Q&A. Participants retain more and can help each other - decreasing the time it takes to level up!

Meaningful learning experiences lead to increased attention and focus, higher levels of critical thinking and more productivity!

Drive active learning with assessments and certifications

Measuring success and getting feedback is a breeze with all the question types available: 

single-or-multiple-choice, free form text, numbers, dates, and survey/evaluation matrix options.

Engaging Content

Videos, Web pages, Presentations, Documents - watch on any device!

Rapid Editing

Drag & drop creation of pages with infographics and animations.

Self-paced Learning

Group lessons into sections and show participants their progress.


Measure participation, feedback and see revenue reports.

Quizzes and Reviews

Check how well people are learning and what they think of the content.


Score advanced tests and see how many attempts lead to success.

Advanced reporting gives you

real-time insight

Charts or tables - you'll find the perfect way to get insights into your courses and certifications, the performance of your learners, and the revenues they generate.

Select the metrics that are relevant to you, apply predefined or custom filters, and pivot or group the results however you want them!



  • Organized content - Each course is a channel that manages the content that you add to your eLearning platform. Create as many courses as you have topics to teach.
  • Embedded video content - Add your video content at no cost by uploading it to your Google Drive folder or on YouTube and embedding it in your course.
  • External links - Add external links at the end of your content to give your students access to additional sources.
  • Multi-language - Your website is translatable in as many languages as you want.
  • Multimedia Assets - Add all kinds of content to your courses: videos, PDF presentations, infographics, web pages, quizzes, and certifications.
  • Retention and Understanding - You can add quizzes at the end of your content. These quizzes can have one or multiple answers.
  • Progress - Keep track of participation in the course with easy to understand indicators of completion and progress.


  • Certification - Evaluate your students with a series of questions and certify them once they passed the test.
  • Question pools - Define if the test includes all the questions or a randomized selection, reducing the chances of answer sharing.
  • Passing scores - Define the minimum score required to pass the test.
  • Attempt limits - Define how many times a student can try to pass the test.
  • Badges - Students who pass the test are given a badge that is displayed on their profile.
  • Question types - The test you create can have a variety of question types: text boxes (single and multiple lines), numerical, date (with and without time), single or multiple choice answers, and matrix.
  • Instant feedback - Your students can check their answers and compare them with the right ones once they've submitted their tests.
  • Measure performance - Define a time limit for your tests.
  • Certificates - The students who successfully complete a certification receive their certificate immediately by email.

Engage with your community

  • Forum - Create one or more forums linked to your course and let the members of your community help each other.
  • Leaderboard - Spur competition and reward top performers by displaying their profile on the home page.
  • Reviews - Attendees can rate courses from one to five stars and leave comments. Post your own replies, delete off-topic answers and understand what people think of your content.
  • Karma points and ranks - Gamify your courses and reward your community with karma points to keep them active and give them access to new ranks and rewards.
  • Email - Get in touch with all your attendees by sending them beautifully designed emails.


  • Advanced reporting - Get advanced reports about the performances of your courses, contents, revenues, reviews, quizzes, forums, and certifications.
  • Filters and groups - Add predefined or custom filters to only show the data that is relevant to you, and group the results however you want them.
  • Measures and graphs - Measures and graphs


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