Automate Salary Calculation

Employee do their job, software calculates salary automatically

Comprehensive payroll solution 

Leverage the power of Humano integrated platform with Humano Payroll. Connect seamlessly with your accounting to track and manage payroll expenses all in one place. With Humano Payroll, you have access to enterprise-level features such as payroll tax calculation, automatic payments, deduction policy definitions, and more without the enterprise price. Plus, unlimited customization means you can easily meet your unique payroll and employee management needs. With the ability to integrate with additional human capital resource management applications, Humano Payroll works seamlessly with your Humanoapps.

Tax Calculation

Calculate and generate reports for federal, state, and local taxes.

Automated Payroll

Define each aspect of your company’s payroll process and run calculations automatically.

Employee Support

Support various employee types and create unique profiles that staff can view or update in a self service portal.

Project Payment

Humano Payroll supports many special cases to record project or task tracking and payment.


Set all deductions and withholdings for each of your employees and manage your benefits administration.


Humano Payroll generates digital reports to file with federal, state, and local tax entities.

Define working hours

When employees are working standard hours or shifts, or both - it becomes difficult to track different rates and attendance.

By creating different working hours and selecting right one for each employee contract, you make calculating employee salary an easy rpocess.

Flexible payroll configuration options

Usually employee salary consists of many different components: basic salary, deductions, allowances, reimbursements, taxes, etc. - which is usually difficult to track and calculate at the end of each period. This routine operation may take a lot of hours for hr and accounting employees to calculate. 

With automated salary structures, software does it for you. No more hours spent on doing routine work.

Automate your least favorite parts of payroll

Payroll module automatically calculates employee salary based on different criteria, all you have to do review, edit (if needed) and approve it.

Effortlessly report on anything you want

Get bird's-eye view of all the operations regarding salaries of your employees. You can visualize and share reports, too, enabling every department to make informed decisions, faster.

Visualize, filter, drill down, aggregate, group, and more - you can get the exact data you need, exactly the way you want to see it.

Employee management made easy

Reach out to check how all in one employee management software for modern companies works.