Enhance team productivity

Simple yet powerful tools enable your team to do more with less resources.

Engage in conversation with colleagues

A powerful communication tool.

Drive discussions between all levels of your company. Get an overview of the topics being discussed and all the new messages in the module's news feed.

Send notifications

Personalize the way notifications are sent to minimize mailbox pollution while making sure important messages get through. Specify who gets what message and when.

Integrated with all modules

Keep track of all actions within one window

Choose how you want notifications to be handled, add followers to tasks, schedule activities, send messages and notifications, and chat, all from one single screen. See what colleagues are up to and how quickly they can respond to messages by checking their status and stay connected with them and partners throughout applications.

Create discussion groups within employees

Specific groups for specific topics

Do you have a new project involving several people from different departments and offices? Are there specific topics that need to be discussed with specific people? Create internal groups to structure communication and engage employees within different projects, and easily add and remove members from groups.

Internal company email made easy

Keep employees informed at all times

No more time-consuming and complicated manipulations in your mailbox, no more forgotten or unsolicited recipients for your internal communication! Create internal groups and mailing lists with any topic, and determine which departments or specific employees will receive news and notifications on that specific topic.


Stand-alone module

  • News feed - Get instant access to the latest discussed topics in your company and keep track of the conversations you follow.
  • Start discussions - Create direct discussions with other employees, and create private discussion groups.
  • Subscribe to channels - Create open groups called Channels to follow discussions on specific topics. Start getting involved in projects by subscribing to existing channels or create new ones.
  • Star favorites - Star messages with important content to easily find them back in the Starred list.
  • Private Groups - Create secret groups and invite the users.
  • Status - See what colleagues are up to by checking if they are online, offline, away or out of the office.
  • Manage participants - Invite participants in private groups and restrict access to channels to a selected group of employee.
  • Chat window - Turn a conversation into a chat session to keep chatting while switching modules.

  • Mailing List - Choose to send messages by email allowing a channel to behave as a mailing list.

  • Mentions - Mention users (@username) in conversations, and even channels (#channel_name).

  • Smileys - Enliven your conversations with emoji.


  • Modules chatter - Include messages, internal notes, add followers and channels straight from any of the apps and keep track of them in the Discuss module.

Employee management made easy

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