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Create employee cards from applicant form

No need to waste time copying and pasting data from different sources. With just one click, you can create an employee card with all the information the candidate provided during the interview process. Manage employee directory, employee details, and contact information efficiently.

Manage employee skills data

The skill management module allows users to describe and manage the skills of the employee posses while functioning in the company. These skills can be customized, making them useful for all sorts of company operations.


The Humanoapps Employee app keeps track of employees' work information, contact details, salary structure, and work schedule. It allows you to create your own contract type according to the workflow of your organization. With Humanoapps, the procedures of creating and handling contracts become easier for both users and HR management. The employee contract management features modernize your workflow, making it more efficient.


Make the process of employees joining organization a smooth process. 

It should be ensured that the employees are briefed and the required licenses, as well as certificate copies, should be attained at the time of joining. Company equipment such as laptops and other gadgets should be handed to new employee, access to corresponding software should be granted and insurance service provider should be notified - This makes a lot of employees from different teams involved in the process that HR managers need to work with and follow-up in order to make sure that employee onboarding goes smoothly. With onboarding plans and reminders functionality it takes 10x less time and energy to successfully onboard new employee.

Employee management made easy

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